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We All Have Our Bad Days

I’ve been working out for the last 6 years. Has it been a joy ride? Yes and no. Then why am I still on this road? Because each and every sore muscle has been worth it.

When I started this “fitness thing” all I could think of was being thin while eating whatever it is that I wanted to. There were days when I’d find zero inspiration to get out of bed. I particularly remember a rainy day in 2013 when I was lazy, annoyed and literally depressed. While I could not figure out why this was happening to me, and could see no reason to motivate myself, I decided to go down for a run in the light drizzle. This was the evening that made me fall in love with running in the rains. After this evening I’d get into my favorite running shoes every single day and run as soon as it started pouring. Rain was a motivation. That exhilaration was a motivation. I identified small things like this that kept me going (too cold outside? HIITs at home are fun,no time for a long run? Sprint!) and once I saw the results I wanted to take things to the next level. I started studying workouts and realized the technicalities behind movements and exercises. The entire process was motivating.

So does it mean I don’t understand what it is like to be lazy or low? Nope, I still face those days. Most of the times I accompany my boyfriend to the gym so that I get motivated looking at him. I sometimes find motivation in a new playlist or maybe a new running track or a new gym. But there are times when I’m like “20 more push ups how the hell is this going to matter let it be go to sleep” or “1 min plank? Shut up, I’m gonna lie here for a bit” It happens to all of us!

Point is, not being motivated is normal. All the fitness peeps you keep seeing on the internet, all of them have their low days. It’s only human. It’s a pity showing this side of your workout regime is not as cool as showing all those flexes. I wish more of us would talk about feeling low, it’s not a bad thing! Can’t manage to bench press 60kgs like you always do? Instead of feeling low & not going ahead with your workout, talk to your gym buddies and join them, or ask them to help you out. It’s normal! Talk, talk about feeling low and under- confident. I personally find talking to be extremely releasing- I express myself through my Instagram posts, and the motivating messages from strangers have me up and going in no time! It’s not about me or my fitness regime; it’s about all of us, the fitness family. We’re here for each other. #FitFam for life.

It’s normal to feel like taking a break. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself. Force yourself to pause. Please. If your muscles do not get enough rest, they won’t even build. There’s no point in stressing.

So how do I keep myself moving? This is a question that everyone asks me, and I’ve struggled to find a suitable answer. But I think I’m getting there. I believe it all boils down to two things- discipline and results. It might pain today, but when you see how hard you’ve worked on your body all by yourself, the confidence it gives you is beyond exhilarating.

Anyway, all this ranting comes down to one thing once again- reach out, form fitness communities, help each other out. There is no harm in accepting your faults. It’s better to try rather than sit at one place and regret your poor health. Come be a part of the fitness family, it’d be one of the best decisions of your life.

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