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Training with HydroFit

If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen that I have recently taken to Hydrofit. While I get this luxury only in Bangalore since the *only* classes held in India are in that beautiful city, I make it a point to go everyday now that I am primarily in Bangalore. I had a lot of people asking me about this workout and I thought I would take this opportunity to answer all the questions at one go.

HydroFit is not swimming. HydroFit combines HIIT training and strength training and is designed by Pooja Bhatia Arora who resides in Bangalore. I recommend this as a great form of workout for almost everyone. If you’re looking for fun workout options you can choose this as your primary workout, but if you are an athlete or a sports person or are used to intense level of workouts, this form of fitness is recommended thrice a week, along with regular training.

My days would start with 1 hour of HydroFit training and I would later go to the gym in the evening to do my usual workout. I even went for the HydroFit classes on my rest days. The thing here is that water comes with a huge bunch of benefits that we tend to ignore. We focus on saving ourselves from getting tanned (SERIOUSLY if you are taking your sunblock seriously I don’t think you have anything to worry about unless of course you are concerned about skin colour because then I would ask you to go back to the medieval ages #sorrynotsorry) We are afraid to get our hair and skin wet (if you’re doing any form of exercise you need to wash your hair and your body whenever you work out so this really isn’t as different. As far as the chemicals are concerned, having a good hair care and skin care regime can make all the difference, and this can be simple homemade DIY routines which won’t have you selling out big bucks or wasting too much time) Or we are too shy because of our body image (I completely understand this and the intimidation is real, but you need to understand that everyone there is fighting their own battle, focusing on their own story and are too busy to look into what’s happening with you.) We are so busy looking at the irrelevant details of working out in a swimming pool that we tend to miss out on the advantages that water workouts offer, namely –

  1. Increased range of motion which leads to better flexibility
  2. Since water is heavier than air, there is an increase in resistance which leads to more calories being burnt
  3. Core conditioning
  4. Low to no chances of injury
  5. Increased cardiovascular fitness

This entire form of workout was designed by Pooja when she was diagnosed with arthritis right when she was at her fittest best. If you look at her today you won’t think this fit mermaid is a day older than 35.

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim – I worked out with a whole bunch of people who didn’t know how to swim but since the workouts are in shallow water and require you to stand (you can choose the corners if those make you comfortable) you can definitely workout in the pool, provided you don’t have a fear of water.

These classes are available only in Bangalore as of now but I will let you know if HydroFit plans to launch in other cities. Do follow us both on Instagram to stay updated ?

HydroFit- https://www.instagram.com/hydrofitindia/

Dumbbells and Drama- https://www.instagram.com/dumbbellsndrama/

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