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This Is What Self Care Really Is

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’d know that I’ve been talking about self-care quite aggressively. But here’s the thing- I feel self care is a topic that is not understood by many, and we are under the impression that self care is a glamorous luxury we can do without. If you said yes to this,gear up. I’m about to burst your bubble.

Self care isn’t about spa trips and splurging at the mall or eating ice cream while watching a movie, nope. That’s a very pretty picture painted by movies and chick lits, while real self care CAN look super basic. Also, real self care is difficult.

I’ve been through 16hr work days where I didn’t have time for anyone else. I’ve felt proud for sleeping little, rising early and hustling. When I see my work from the past, I see a person reaching out for validation, and someone in desperate need of self care. An injury forced me to take a break, and that’s when it hit me- self care wasn’t temporary, and it was time that I started working on myself rather than working to fit into what people thought was good, right or successful.

I started maintaining boundaries, I started switching off from work on weekends, I started scheduling calls, I started saying no if something made me uncomfortable, I started treating food as nourishment, I started working out to feel strong, I started investing, I started writing a journal…and I’m here to tell you that this is the self-care that really made a difference. This is the hard work, the #BTS behind the happy smiles and glow that you see on Instagram. It took me 2 years to unlearn it all, and here I am, sharing it all with you with the hope to inspire you to take that small step towards true self-care.

If you’re starting out on your self-care journey, here’s something I’d want you to remember:

Self-care isn’t selfish
You have to take care of yourself to take care of everything else in life! If you’re constantly tired, annoyed or stressed, how are you going to find the energy to work towards that dream job, that career goal or that strong, toned body? If you’re not going to eat well, how are you going to take care of your health? If you’re not going to invest, how are you going to work towards building your dreams? Don’t drive away that fire within you by putting self-care on the back burner! Remember- when you feel your best, you do your best, and you inspire others around you to be their best. And you will only learn to help and love others when you love yourself.

Self-care isn’t expensive
Self-care does not need to be expensive…or cost you anything at all! It can be something as small as saying no, or adding an email signature that specifies your work timings. Or it can be a 5 min break to un-clench your jaw, close your eyes, and breathe! The travels, spa trips and mall indulgences can wait.

Self-care isn’t temporary
It is something that you do daily for your complete well-being. It’s not about taking one day off and slogging it out for the rest of the week, or one long nap on a weekend and sleeping for 3-4hrs throughout the week. It’s not one workout that builds strength. Self-care isn’t limited to one day, it’s an entire lifestyle!

Just a little rant to remind you to celebrate your unique and super special existence with small doses of daily self-care. Stop being so hard on yourself, you’re awesome for being just the way you are, warts and all 🤗🍷⁣