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The 15 Minute Fix- Health and Fitness

Hey there! Happy New Year to all of you. Sorry for being MIA, the holiday season got me a little lazy. I’m back to a fixed schedule (finally!) and have some great things planned out for my website this year. For starters, I’m foraying into the field of health and fitness, and will be sharing home work-outs, HIITs and other helpful exercises on a regular basis. I am not exactly a fan of health foods so I might limit those, if any. All this, and a lot more. Do keep an eye on my webspace.


And here’s kickstarting the new year….literally. What I am now going to share with you is a home work out that shows immediate results. No kidding. It’s been too cold to get out of bed at 6:00am nowadays, so I have been missing out on my swimming and gym. The new schedule looks like this-


Morning: HIIT/Home work out

Evening: 4-7km Run, stretching/Home work out




Here’s the first set of exercises (my personal favorite)


Repeat the entire set 3 times

10 push ups

20 sit ups

25 squats

20 lunges (10 per leg)

80 jumping jacks

60 second wall sit




It sounds easy, but it takes a while getting used to the pain. Have a healthy year folks. You’ve got one body to live with, treat it well.


Stay tuned for a lot more “quick fixes” I promise you they’re worth it.




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