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Super Easy, Super Healthy Peanut Butter Recipe

It’s peanut butter jelly time! (Ok I just had to say this because every time I hear peanut butter I break into this dance in my head) Ok moving on, I am going to talk about peanut butter in this post. Or rather Yogesh Diddee, the boy you might have seen all over my social media, has something to share about his beloved peanut butter. Over to him.

Nowadays it is easy to get hold of a jar of peanut butter at your local grocery store. But how many of you know those additives and preservatives are doing more harm than good? In fact they are largely responsible for the sugar imbalance in your body. So does that mean peanut butter is unhealthy? Hell no! I’ve been hitting the gym for the last 5 years, I eat clean, and peanut butter has a large part to play in my diet. And that is mainly because I learnt how to make it on my own (One of my quirks include finding out how to make foods available in restaurants, cafes and stores, on my own by sourcing the raw ingredients. Not sure if my girlfriend likes that much) (Ok I edited this article to add the last line because that’s also one of his annoying habits & I can’t believe I have the patience to watch him do the research)

Moving on, here’s the peanut butter recipe I’ve been using for the last 5 years, and it’s quite a hit if I may say so.

1: Roast some raw peanuts.

2: Grind the roasted peanuts in a grinder

3: Keep on grinding till the nuts start to release oil and the mixture reaches a desired consistency

4: Voila! Your peanut butter is ready to consume.

*You don’t need to add any sweetener or syrup as the peanuts have a slight sweet taste once the butter is obtained.

You must be like “eh, you grind peanuts and you’re done with it?’ (I did, I swear to God I did-But the science makes sense, and I’m trying this out this weekend) Try it out and you shall know what I mean.

I’ve used this peanut butter for cookies, milkshakes, chocolates and of course sandwiches.


When you’re splitting open the peanut, there is a small seed attached to one side of the nut. You need to get rid of it. Break it off! Why? Because it contains unwanted fats, and you don’t need that now, do you? Even when I’m snacking on peanuts, I break off this seed before eating the peanuts.


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