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Patience Is Everything- A Personal Story

They say that dreams can come true if you really believe in them. Sounds like a vague piece of advice that the internet is throwing at you, doesn’t it? I have this thought almost daily. Sometimes it is strong enough to make me feel “okay, life might not work out the way I want it to and I need to be okay with that.” Is this how rejection feels like? Maybe. Sometimes giving up is the easier way out, life is unfair that way.

But what about those times when you achieve something that you had only dreamt of? Isn’t that a wild dream coming true? Doesn’t it mean that you are holding the dream close to your heart (subconsciously) and working towards it (again, subconsciously) , and guess what?  The universe rewards patient hard workers. Now *this* might seem like random advice on the internet, but in hindsight when I look back at all those times I felt dejected, I also remember how I allowed myself to feel that way, I took time off, never pretended to be happy when I was not, and after the period of ‘mourning’ I got back on track.

The thing is being patient is a very tricky thing. You don’t know if you have to be patient for a week, a day, an hour or maybe 10 years. Sometimes you might feel that you are lagging behind in the race. Sometimes people will make you feel that way, sometimes it will be self imposed. But there is no denying the fact that you will go through low moments. In order to get through to the other side allow yourself time of to feel the pain of these low phases. more often than not you realise you will introspect and find the answers within yourself. Sometimes I feel sadness is the best motivator for creativity.

But of course all this is personal. What I am going to share with you too is going to be a personal story. This one is about my favorite topic – fitness.

As a child I had seen those posters where extremely fit and athletic looking bodies advertised gym membership and sporting events. I always looked up to them with a sense of awe. Not because they were fitness models, but because there was something so powerful and raw about the energy in these posters. Also, I was goddamn intimidated. There was one of those extremely childish, extremely wild, extremely irrelevant thoughts that would cross my mind, and today I am going to share that with you. I in fact have told only one person till date, that too just last month. Yes, this one is extremely close to me, only because I thought it was the silliest thing I could ever think of.

I would look at these pictures and think to myself- It would be great to be upon a poster like that one day. It would be great to show that sort of raw energy and power, and have people look up to you, to be inspired to start their own fitness journeys.

Thinking this way while stuffing myself with junk food and alcohol and not moving in inch was a silly thought to have, you see. I don’t even remember the first time this thought crossed my mind. I might have been 5, I might have been 10, or a might have been 20. But all that’s in the past, isn’t it? Today I have this with me.

Thank you sounds very LAME to justify what I actually feel. Looking up at my poster while walking on the road, while enjoying a run,  even while working out at the gym is a surreal, almost out of body experience for me. I don’t expect many to understand this because it comes from a space where a little child thought to herself “Hey it’d be cool to be up on a poster for a gym, no?” It’s a dream that I am grateful for, and I am equally grateful to be blessed with the support and love of those around me.

Thank you to all those who supported me, even when I was not doing the best job. Thank you to all those who inspired me, I will be forever grateful. Most importantly, a huge thank you to Evolve Fitness and Wellness Club for making this silly, childish dream come true.

You see if you really believe in something, the Universe makes it happen for you. All that you need on your side is patience.

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