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On Closure

Getting closure is super important. But you know what’s even more important? Giving closure.

Don’t ruin things because you’re not capable enough to handle a situation, always explain your reasons to the people involved. They might put up a fight, they might even hate you for doing whatever it is that you’re doing, but with time they’ll understand you and it’ll help them heal.

Cutting off, ghosting & expecting time to heal because that’s how moving on works is bullshit. You’re hurting them far worse than you can imagine. Time will heal, but you’re leaving them with a lot of trauma, something that will show up in situations in the future.

There will be times when they won’t be able to function because they’re still looking for answers you owe them. Panic, anxiety, stress…these will show up unexpectedly as they go about living their lives, dealing with situations that remind them of the damage you caused. Don’t ever do that do a person. Don’t leave them with these scars.

And if you owe someone a closure, it’s never too late. Go ahead and close the goddamn door for good.

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