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Nature Breaks

I thought I was a city person. I liked having people around me, I liked seeing busy streets buzzing with people all day long, lonely walkways made me feel uneasy…I enjoyed drinking at neighborhood pubs, making new friends, all of that… Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy all of it. But I have realized I’ve also been craving for time away from all of it.

Me-time had been an alien concept to me up until late 2018 , and I made myself accessible and available more out of fear than convenience (being a freelancer being unavailable meant losing out on work and opportunities) A trip to the jungles of Satpura in January 2019 threw me outside my comfort zone- I was spending days all by myself, going on safaris, seeing birds and trees like never before, reading myself to sleep every night as silence pressed down upon me from all sides. I came back from this trip a different person, rejuvenated and raring to go. I slowly started planning my weekends for nature breaks, and soon after my weekends became all about road trips, getaways with no internet, fresh air and authentic local cuisines. Disconnect to connect took on a whole new meaning, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been following all of it till date.

Here’s why I think everyone must give a pure nature break a try (at least once) We’re so busy with our lives, running around ticking things off our to-do lists, being bombarded with information on the internet, comparing ourselves to others on social media, trying our best to stay relevant, that we have forgotten what it’s like to appreciate the sights and sounds of nature, the freshness of the air, the fluffiness of the clouds, the feel of the grass beneath our feet, to feel calm and protected and know that everything will be all right. A break with Mother Nature makes you feel exactly this. It’s more than just a break from daily life- it’s a step towards spiritual progression. This break will teach you how to be calm, how to meditate, how to self-reflect, and you will see yourself finding answers you have always been looking for. Plus self-confidence sees a major boost in the long run.

All this with just a nature break? Believe it or not, yes! As long as you continue doing this. Okay, not everyone has the time or resources to take a nature break every weekend, but it doesn’t have to be this elaborately planned. Nature includes trees, the sea, the hills, the wild, anything away from the concrete jungle that we’ve kinda almost lost our lives to, and even visiting the neighborhood park or talking to your plants every morning is counted as spending time with nature!

Once upon a time I would laugh at the thought of walking around barefeet, smelling the fresh air, listening to the birds chirping…. I mean who has the time for all of that, right? Today, going to parks, walking around, taking nature breaks, etc is a very integral part of my lifestyle. The sea and parks always work for me, and I’m slowly falling in love with jungles too. And as I said, you don’t always have to take a vacation for it; you can try it at your homes too! Observe the rain, watch your plants grow, watch those birds fly, take a walk around the neighborhood … You gotta trust me when I say being one with nature is almost magical ?

She nurtures, she protects, she heals. We need Mother Nature, and today she needs us to protect her. I request you to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint in any way that you can (use public transport, walk, cycle, give up plastic, clean trash (#plogging ftw!) use eco-friendly products, opt for sustainable fashion, etc) One small step in your lifestyle will go a long way, because you see, every drop makes an ocean.

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