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If you’re healthy and you know it jump up high!


A little overwhelmed by the response the health article got. Good to see that people and brands are genuinely interested. Remember I tweeted something to Gaia Good Health recently? I got in touch with them after my sister and a couple of my friends told me how they were a part of it. For those of you who do not know what this is about- Gaia Good Health is a brand that provides nutritional supplements and promotes healthy living. Gaia Good Health conducted a Freedom Jump this Independence week. They went around Delhi and Pune, asking people to break free from stress, unhealthy lifestyles & negativity, and jump to an energetic, healthier and positive self. Why jump? Because jumping symbolizes energy and healthy living (true that!) All those who jumped got granola bars, health cookies and other goodies from Gaia Good Food.


I recently received my University of Pennsylvania degree in Nutrition and Physical Activity, and hence decided to venture into this field with writing too. So yes, I did get in touch with Gaia to know a little more about their cause. You hardly find brands promoting healthy living this way, you know. Jump to show you’re healthy, and get free goodies? Why not?! 


The point of this particular activity was to get citizens excited about healthy living. Yes, it might sound pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised to see how many of us take our health so lightly. So when they tweeted to me saying it was an activity done to promote healthy living by making us aware of stress, and that they’d help us get rid of negativity, I knew I had to be involved. I mean, isn’t working out cheaper than shopping and surgery and therapy? Cheers to healthy and happy living! 


Pity I couldn’t be a part of it. But after having checked out some of the tweets from Pune, I found a lot of familiar faces. I am sure you’d find a few friends too. Take a look- 




I was at the Vimannagar Symbiosis campus when I saw the tweets for Koregaon Park, and was obviously interested. There was one of an old woman jumping- age no bar they said. Certainly looked like it! There were rickshaw drivers, pedestrians, shopkeepers, students, even Osho followers jumping up high! (Loved this tweet in particular-)



The Symbiosis jumps looked like a whole lot of fun. I can’t believe I missed this by mere minutes. Look at them, you can literally feel the energy here-





Pune(FC Road, Koregaon Park and Symbiosis Vimannagar) had more than 100 jumps involving over 300 citizens.  The activity saw a pretty good response with local MLAs and influencers engaging with the brand.  


Before Pune, this event was held in Delhi. The response was phenomenal! 500 citizens across India Gate and CP only? Kudos to the energy and the enthusiasm. All I could see from the tweets was that everyone was such a sport, and Gaia literally had Delhi jumping! Young students, school kids, retired Army officers, tourists…everyone had a smile on their face. This one was a gem-



I personally loved the energy of the Delhi guys..but I am sure Pune showed everyone how healthy it is too. A great activity focusing on individual health and nutrition. Good stuff!


I did get in touch with them to know a little more about this activity since I wanted to be associated with this to promote healthy living. Was a little sad to know this was a one-day event only. But they do plan to keep coming up with fun activities, so if you’re interested, stay tuned! Oh by the way, the health cookies are a good alternative to the regular ones. I didn’t like their granola bars though…but that’s maybe cos I do not like granola bars in general. You can read up about the brand on their website- http://www.gaiagoodhealth.com/



Once again, great stuff team Gaia. Do keep me in mind when planning the next activity ;) :D 

I am no expert on fitness, but I am glad I could make a difference. Once again, thank you for supporting me and this cause.And lastly, a big thank you to Gaia. 


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