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HIIT Benefits- See results of your workout in half the time!

All those who’ve known me from social media know that I have been a fan of HIIT workouts since December 2015. What started off as something I took up because it was JUST TOO COLD TO WORK OUT IN THE OPEN, has now become a lifestyle.  I had stamina on my side to make this a not-so-difficult activity, and I guess that had a lot, maybe everything to do with the results that I saw.

Many people joined in thinking “Hey, 10 minutes instead of 1 hour at the gym? HELL YES I AM DOING THIS!” This is the first point where everyone went wrong. I wasn’t surprised when people gave up…there was so much that they did not understand! I then made it a point to personally reach out to people and tell them how to go about it. I am glad to say it made some difference.

I am taking this opportunity to talk a little more about my favorite form of exercising, the HIIT. Read, understand, prepare yourself for what lies ahead and join me as I eat clean and train mean this summer :)

What is HIIT? 

HIIT refers to High Intensity Interval Training, a training technique that involves quick,swift and extremely intense bursts of  exercise combined with short recovery periods.


The reasons are aplenty. Sharing the top 5 with you-

Double the results in half the time

What your body can achieve in 1 hour at the gym, it can achieve in 30 minutes with HIIT.  True story.

You burn calories up to 2 days! 

Yes, you read that right. You burn calories while doing the exercises as well as AFTER the workout is over. There are some exercises that help you burn calories up to 48hours too! Watch out for my updates on Snapchat to know more about these routines (ID- Dumbbellsndrama)

It improves endurance

Regular HIIT leads to increased counts of mitochondria in your cells, leading to more fuel for your body and brain.

Increases ability to exercise

VO2 is the maximum rate at which an athlete’s body can consume oxygen during exercise and is the most popular measurement of aerobic capacity. HIIT is one of the most popular way’s of boosting a person’s VO2 levels and is used by athletes all over the world.


It leads to a healthier heart

Did you know? HIIT lead to increased vessels’ elasticity and flexibility.

The  point of HIIT is to let your body get used to intense activity levels. Make sure you keep changing the speeds and experimenting with routines.

Ready to join in?

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