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Fitness Is Our Lifestyle

You know how we’re all experts at giving excuses when it comes to not working out, right? Don’t agree with me? Do “I don’t have time” “I’m on vacation” “I worked out a lot yesterday so I think I should rest for the next 4 days” “I am not losing weight what’s the point” sound familiar to you? We’ve all said this at some point or the other..I have no qualms hiding this either. Laziness gets the better of us, but that doesn’t mean we give up. How will you ever see results if you give up as soon as you start? It takes 21 days to form a habit. Keep at it for 21 days and fitness and healthy living will become a part of your lifestyle.

It took me 2 years to get here, and most of you have followed my journey on my social media platforms. I  work out on vacation, I work out before heading out to parties, I work out after a night of dancing, the works. Here’s the fun part, you can totally do this too. it really isn’t a superhuman feat.

Fitness is a lifestyle; it isn’t only about going to the gym or those 45minutes in a day you dedicate to exercising. Fitness is a way of life, a major dominating factor that decides the way you live. Fitness is about being active, healthy, and happy. Fitness is an overall sense of well-being.

How does one incorporate fitness into their lifestyle you ask? Once you get into the habit of staying active and fit, you make lifestyle changes to suit your needs. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator comes naturally to you. Walking down short distances instead of using the vehicle seem like the obvious thing to do. The prospect of cycling to work excites you. A good workout makes your day. Skipping your daily exercise makes you an irritable, angry person.

I’m going to make this simple: I’m leaving you with a few real life examples of how and where I’ve worked out, and you’ll realise what I mean when I say it’s possible for you to be excited about fitness too. I sincerely hope I can inspire you to take this up in your routines too.
Before I start, a huge shout-out to “The Boy” for being as excited about fitness as I am. He’s not only been a great workout buddy, but also a source of information and inspiration (my healthy eating habits are totally his doing.) 14295479_334356390232043_533407400_n
As you might have seen, the boy and I recently worked out while on vacation at Jim Corbett. While we had the option of staying in and enjoying the warmth of our beds on cold winter mornings, we headed down to the river for some quick body weight exercises. We found clear spots to plank, squat and run, we used nearby logs for weights, we improvised our workouts by using rocks for balance (great for the core) The freedom of the jungle, the new scenery, the clean air, all of it added to the adrenaline rush.

 The other day I was stuck at the airport lounge as the early morning flight was delayed by an hour. Instead of sitting around with nothing to do, I decided to make use of that time to complete my workout (yes, at the airpor ) The airport was thankfully a big one, and I decided to walk the entire length of the waiting lounge several times until the boarding started.  I ended up walking a brisk 2km :)

On one of our usual weekends in Mumbai, the boy and I decided to get some exercise by talking an evening walk. We usually indulge a lot while on Mumbai, and don’t get much time to work out. This time we decided to walk down from Juhu Beach to Versova Metro Station (which also turned out to be a faster way to travel compared to by road)

Goa-Our beach vacays are mostly about HIITs on the beach and early morning runs. Try it out, wake up a little early and go for a jog on the beach. With the breeze and the sound of the waves and the clear morning air, the workout is bound to be an enjoyable one. After which you can totally enjoy a great breakfast so yay, run for that breakfast!

Parties are great cardio because we end up dancing. A LOT. There’s hardly ever a point where we take elevators. In fact we’ve also climbed up 7 floors to a club because well, stairs excite us (more so on leg days LOL)

Coming back to my point – fitness is a lifestyle. And something you need to work towards. It sounds mental at first, but once you take the first step, it’s something that becomes second nature to you. So for all those who’re looking for inspiration to get fit, there’s plenty of it all around, you just need to find it, and take the first step. The first step is always the hardest, but it’s a journey your body will thank you for.

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