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Decoding #FitGirlProblems with BombayBellyrina

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know how I spent most of my time in Bangalore with @bombaybellyrina While I have always loved her sass and confidence, it was her positive attitude and enthusiasm that inspired me to do so much more than what I could have even imagined (the videos on her profile are proof of this) Plus the fact that she is a super gorgeous woman who is always smiling and bubbling with energy made me feel that okay, shift to Bangalore, you’ve got family here :)  With no hold ups, and always someone to keep it real, my conversations with Chitra will always remain a highlight of this Bangalore trip.

Most of our conversations were often interrupted with us saying “Fit Girl Problems” which inspired us to do a fun shoot about it (totally unintentional and last minute!) Without further ado, I’ll leave you with the problems that define who we are, and guess what? We are bloody proud of it.

Sweaty Hair, Don’t Care!

I’ve lost track of the number of times my hairstylist has asked me to take better care of my health. My hair is in a constant state of dryness thanks to all the sweat. No amount of hair spas, conditioners or serums will ever tame the mane, and I am okay with it. I’ll swim, run, sweat, and be proud of it. Always!

Forever Bruised 

Ironical how you work so hard to get those legs to look fit enough for shorts, only to end up with embarrassing bruises that make you want to put on those pants again. Meh, doesn’t really matter. Our bruises are reminders of all the hard work we’ve been putting in. We’re proud of our scars, we flaunt them!

Ew, Dirty Elbows!

This is literally my mother’s favorite thing to tell me (After “It’s time to get married”) The only way to get rid of these is to stop planking, moving around on my hands on tough gym floors, or you know, working out in general. That ain’t happening! Scrubs, peels, lotions, they work only till our next gym session :)

Where Are My Boobs?

The toughest part of fitness is not the workout, but saying goodbye to those boobies! It’s heartbreaking to see the boobs shrink, but hey! We can now totally go bra-less, thanks to muscle development that also supports our breasts. Booyah!

BRB, Need To Use The Loo

In a time span of one hour, I take a loo break at least 4 times. Not kidding! It is also the most annoying thing because it breaks my flow of writing. Hydrating is awesome and all that, but it also means that we spend most of our time in front of bathroom stalls (I’m so scared of this at parties! I also dance less, stand in bathroom lines more at times lol) It’s not all that fun when you’re missing an important part of the gossip, or that bass drop or the climax of a movie. Ugh. 

Forever Hungry!

All that working out will put our metabolism on high gear, and you’ll always find us around food. Who said we worked out to stay thin? We work out to eat, enjoy our food, celebrate all of it (FU Kim K!) and workout to kick ass and celebrate our lovely, strong bodies. Also, I get more calls from Swiggy than I do from my boyfriend at times.

Fit girls, we hear ya! Any more problems you’d want to add to this list? Go ahead! :D


Location- WeWork Galaxy, Bangalore

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