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Can’t Get Yourself To Exercise In This Heat? Let’s Try Making Workouts FUN.

Spring is here (okay 35 degrees isn’t exactly spring) , which means shredding shall start soon. For me it’s that time of the year when I hit the gym and pool for a 2 hour session 4 days a week. Going for a run isn’t fun anymore, and I am not the only one to say this. Even the gym rats will feel the heat as the temperatures sore and fatigue hits them bad. The thought of spending hours at the gym or running in this heat and dust is enough to put us off.

Then how does one exercise, especially now that summer is here and toned bodies need to be flaunted?

Allow me to help you with a few tips to get started. They might sound cliched AF, but they do have a success rate of 98%. Try these out and you know what I mean.


With temperatures reaching 35 degrees (March has just started and it is nearing 40, ughs!), a swim doesn’t sound like a bad idea now, does it? Of course it doesn’t! It’s a bloody brilliant idea! A great recreational sport for the summer, swimming is the perfect way to lose calories and tone your muscles at the same time. Did you know swimming for one hour burns 476 calories?

Every summer I swim around 750mt-1km 4 times a week after a light session at the gym.


Dance routines are fun ways of boosting your mood while adding some zing to your workout routine. I ain’t a big fan of dancing so I haven’t tried my hand at a dance class yet. With so many dance workout videos available online, dancing as a form of workout is definitely here to stay.

Did you know? One hour of aerobic dancing burns 443 calories per hour. (I burn oh so many calories at those Bollywood nights)


Workouts are meant to be energetic, so you need to make sure you have the right music for your workout. Wanna get pumped? Stay away from those lazy tunes. Put on some hard-hitting songs, and get going! Create a perfect playlist for your workout and see how the entire experience of exercising is taken to the next level.

It is scientifically proven that music during exercise has an effect on the RPE, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system.


Sticking to the same workout routine tends to get boring. It does for me too. There are days I don’t want to wake up to work out because it’s oh so boring! This is when I change my routine.  It works wonders for the mood as well as fitness level.

Let’s say you train at the gym. Why don’t you try training at home? Look for new exercises you can do that do not involve any equipment. Do you work out at home? Try getting outdoors for a run.


Having a workout partner can boost your mood to a great extent. Workout buddies serve as a great source of motivation, and help you go the extra mile especially during times when you feel low. If you follow me on social media you’ll know how I depend on the boy to push me to work out on days that I feel low. It’s important to find the right partner, plus working out together is loads of fun :)

Don’t have a workout buddy? Join training groups!


Isn’t it fun to see results when you start working out? You would be surprised to know what a mood booster it can be. In fact my motivating factor to take all my fitness routines to the next level was always the result I got from my workouts.

Start tracking you workouts, see the progress you make. Maintaining a journal of your workouts will help you see what works for you and what fails. Exercises also seem to get easier as you realise you’re getting the desired results.

I repeat, these might sound cliched, but you’ll realise how much sense they make once you try them out. Try out these tips for a month and see? 


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