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Be Beach Ready!

Summer is here, and I have a beach vacay planned. Which means the clothes shall go off and the bikinis shall come on. Which means I need to work on the abs that are currently hidden under a light layer of what I’d like to guess are the cupcakes I’ve been gorging on for the last 3 months.

It’s now time to kick some ass!

pablo (37)

Let’s start with the basics…we shall pump it up later. Bring in these 3 simple changes to your routine and see the difference in a month. Go on, accept the challenge!

1. Don’t eat 4 hours before you go to bed. Because immediately going off to sleep means you are not letting your food to digest. The weight is just going to sit on you, and you’re going to gradually start noticing that bulge in your stomach area.

2. Drink a bottle of water before and after you eat. By doing so you’re avoiding overeating.

3. 25 crunches before bed, 25 crunches when you wake up. Because there is no way you’re getting a flat tummy with NO exercise. Once you get into the habit, 50 crunches would be a piece of cake.

Shine on ladies!

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