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Adidas Ultraboost 19 – Review

With a sleek new design and improved support, this new shoe from Adidas Ultraboost 19 range is the best thing to have happened to runners this year. Read on to know why.

This post first appeared on Finisher Magazine.

We saw a whole bunch of iterations of the UltraBoost, and when they launched the latest edition- the Ultraboost 19- earlier this year, we knew we had come across what could possibly be the best shoe in the series. adidas claimed improved performance and increase in energy return, a new torso spring that helped during long distance runs and a comfortable fit along with a 3D heel frame, almost like a sock, that insured our feet were well cared for during all those miles.

We recently tested the shoes and are happy to report that adidas stayed true to their word. They have indeed given us one of the best running shoes in the world to date.

What changed?

The most significant change here has been the heel frame. The new advanced 3D heel frame provides good support to the back of the feet, something that was missing in the previous versions. But the previous versions concentrated more on the fit than on support, so we’re glad that support has now taken priority. With the new heel, the foot is locked in place. Technically speaking, the Primekit 360 sock is recessed into the foam, so basically, your foot feels one with the shoe. Plus the shoe feels so light! When we put this on for the first time, running literally did feel like flying.

In terms of the design and look, we are huge fans of the latest Ultraboost 19. They do not look clumsy as compared to the previous versions, plus the mesh and reduced lace holes give this a neat and clean look.

Why we recommend it

We believe that the improved cushioning is what the runners need today. The shoe fits like a glove, making your feet feel like and comfortable. The support enhances performance during long runs and even during speed training. Also, we have been wearing this for a couple of months already and we have noticed that there is no chaffing or pressure on the sides of the foot, something that we faced with the previous versions.

What we also love is the fact that the new design goes so well with our urban lifestyles too! We’ve personally been wearing them during our travels, running sessions and even to concerts and gigs.

So if you’re wondering if you should spend the big bucks on this one, we’d say go right ahead!

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