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A Full Body HIIT Favorite

I am back after a vacation, and I am SO excited to get back to life here. I’ve been inspired to do so many new things, I cannot wait to get started. Plus I’m stoked about hitting the gym and switching on that beast mode again :) We walked around 20km everyday for 2 weeks and even cycled around Rome and got back with great tans *tee hee* I had expected some weight gain during the vacation, but I’ve got back more defined than before. So of course I want to work out more and set new standards of fitness for myself. Starting off with this HIIT today –

NOTE- This requires great stamina and needs to be done with only 10sec intervals between each exercise. Do it at your own pace, it gets easy and less painful as you get used to it (which took me 2 weeks LOL) Take your time to complete this (took me around 75min) , and keep sipping on water! Also, do not forget to stretch before warming up, and once the routine is over.
Warm ups-
30 jumping jacks
30 sec wall sit
30 push ups
40 crunches
15 step ups (each leg)
30 tricep dips
30 squats
30 sec plank
30 high knees
30 push ups
15 lunges (each leg)
30 sec side plank .

For the upper body- 
10 push ups
10 bicep curls x 3
10 tricep curls x 3
10 bent over back rows x 10
10 should press x 3 .

For the legs and glutes – 
20 jumping jacks
10 sumo squats x 3
10 lunges (each leg) x 3
10 step ups (each leg) x 3
10 side squats (each side)x3
10 deadlifts x 3
10 split lunge (each leg) x 3
20 squats
15 lunges (each leg)
40 calf raises
30 sec wall sit
30 jumping jacks
20 sumo squats x 2
30 leg raises
20 squats
15 glute bridges x 3
10 lunges x 2
10 squat pulses x 3
10 donkey kicks(each leg)x 3
10 squat jumps

How was it? Write in and let me know! Email- dumbbellsanddrama@gmail.com 

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