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8 Reasons Why MultiFit Is A Great Idea

I have been working out at home for over a year now, and it’s taken me some time to realise the dos and don’ts of functional training. I’ve tried a bunch of routines, and figured out what worked for me, and even designed some to suit my fitness levels. I believe once you get used to functional training, there’s no way you’re going to enjoy any other form of workout. Which is why you might have noticed the reduction in the number of gym posts at my end. In fact things got so busy with the traveling and weddings and reunions that I opted for the HIIT routines simply because I was low on time. It’s now come to a point where I can easily take 30 minutes off for myself during a super busy day and complete a highly intensive workout routine.

Point being – I love functional training. It’s addictive. And fun. And extremely easy to customize! I’m going to be talking about the HIIT routines in detail soon. As of now I’d like to share my experience with you at Multifit, a fitness center that has caught my fancy.

I opted for the trial workout at Multifit last month after hearing about it from friends who had been working out there for quite some time.  They seemed to be in love with the exercises and training methods, and assured me that I’d love the workouts too since I was used to doing bodyweight exercises at home. What they explained to me sounded difficult, and duh I was up for a fun challenge. And so I made my way to the branch at Kalyani Nagar to see what it was all about.

After speaking with Samir Kapoor, Chairman & MD at Multifit, I figured out why functional training was THIS awesome. And after being trained under Dhruv Chauhdhuri I knew for sure why I’d love what Multifit had to offer. I’m not going to make a long story out of this one, let’s get straight to the point- Multifit is a great idea.


There’s something new to do everyday

You don’t have to stick with the same old routine you’d follow at the gym. You can mix up the exercises, try a new workout, do whatever it is that you feel like!

You can work out by yourself, or be a part of a group

You don’t feel like working out? Take inspiration from the group session, be a part of it and watch yourself be motivated. Don’t feel like being a part of a session? You’re free to work out by yourself too!

It’s a great place to make friends.

Trainers, coaches, fellow members- everyone here is a friend. Everyone here is a part of the fitness family, motivating each other to achieve their goals. No competition, only one huge party.

Fat burning is a faster process here.

Getting to the technicalities – functional training means training using your body weight, and doing exercises with activities that you’d otherwise perform in daily life. This type of training boosts your metabolism. There is also the afterburn effect where your body continues to burn fat and tone even after the workout is over.

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Toning is a faster process too. 

You’re training against your own body weight. This ensures faster results in strength and muscle development.

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Great for your core.

And this is much more than those 6 pack abs people blindly work towards. Good core strength doesn’t only mean abs, it also involves great posture, and improves flexibility and overall strength. Whatever exercise you’re doing during functional training, your core is always a part of it.


You can challenge yourself. 

Bodyweight exercises can easily be modified to challenge anyone. The basic set of workout remains the same, the intensity, number and duration of breaks and reps make the difference. You can modify your exercise on your own too! If you feel the regular push ups are too basic, try the clap at the top of a push up to make things a little tough. If you think squats are too easy, add in extra reps and some weight. If you think pushing the sledge is not as difficult as you thought it’d be, add some weight and PUSH! There’s a lot to be done, and it’s all in good fun!

It’s fun!

You enter a workout session not knowing what your trainer has planed for you. The exercises change everyday, some fun additions keep the members engaged, and you’ll never find an excuse not to work out :)

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While there’s no universal “best” way to exercise, bodyweight movements in functional training offer lots of benefits. One good thing here is that if in case you miss out on the workout, you can always do variations of the same exercises at home too! Told you, you’d not find an excuse to avoid your workout :)

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