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7 minute HIIT at home

It’s been a hectic week, and to be honest life has been absolutely disrupted. Point is I haven’t had the time to go to the gym since after 13th September. And for the longest time I was feeling pretty terrible about it. But then these HIIT exercises I read in Pune Mirror (16th September) came to my rescue. Thank God for that.


It’s been a week, and I don’t feel bad about not going to the gym anymore. ‘cos these HIIT exercises have done quite a rad job. Don’t believe me? Try them out for yourself, you’ll know what I am talking about. The best part is you don’t need anything more than your room and a chair to carry them out. 


Jumping jacks – 30 second

Wall sit lower body – 30 second

Push-up (upper body) – 30 seconds

Abdominal crunch core – 30 seconds

Step-up onto chair – 30 seconds

Squat lower body – 30 seconds

Triceps dip on chair upper body – 30 seconds

Plank – 30 seconds

High knees/jogging on the spot – 30 seconds

Lunge lower body – 30 seconds

Push-up and rotation upper body – 30 seconds

Side plank core – 30 seconds


Repeat circuit twice/thrice for effective results. 




Make sure you don’t overdo it the first day. Try repeating the circuits only gradually, one day at a time, if in case you feel that your body can’t take 2-3 circuits on the first day. The first week will leave you a little sore, but it’s worth it. No pain, no gain :)




So if you don’t have “time” to visit the gym, and really want to start working out, you should give this set a try. Good luck! :) 


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