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A Week With Neemrana Hotels In Fort Kochi

For a city this small, the diversity of Kochi is stunning. The bounty of treasures in this quaint town in Kerala will charm you; Kochi gives you an option to get up close and personal with history, culture and nature, and takes you on a culinary adventure like none other. Kochi is an easy place to visit, with polite inhabitants and a calm, healing energy that explains why tourists from all over the world are drawn to God’s Own Country. Fort Kochi remains to be the most popular part of this town, thanks to the quaint cafes, heritage hotels, spas by the beach, Chinese Fishing Nets, Synagogue and Jew Town, among others. We kicked off 2018 with a trip to this beautiful town, a trip that left me head over heels in love with Kochi, and a strong longing to get back soon (I’ve already made up my mind to…

Vienna In Pictures

A wave of nostalgia washed over me last night and before I knew it, it was 4:00am and I was craving for a hot chocolate croissant and a European vacation. After the initial sadness, the creative little angel in me made me see what a perfect opportunity this was to celebrate the best vacation we’ve ever had, and maybe it was time to start planning the next one. While I am taking this trip down memory lane, I wish to share with you some of the best moments we had in Vienna. Out of all the cities we visited, I think this is the city I would go back to again. I’d go back for that journey by the Euro Rail, those narrow gauges and tunnels, through those lush green Alps dotted with cows grazing on the slopes, and those snow-filled peaks we watched pass by. Vienna has got to…

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