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When We Were Almost Deported Thanks To Air Asia & KLN Immigration

Travel isn’t always about rainbows and butterflies, something that I keep talking about (especially when I am traveling) It isn’t always about fancy places, foods and outfits, there is a lot of research, sweat and sometimes even tears that go into curating some of the most memorable travel moments. Even when it comes to the “ugly” moments, moments that make you go “never doing this again” travel is a great teacher. Failure, mishaps, goof ups, all of them contribute to the learning process, and that is why I will keep traveling till I can. All of you know about the time in Rome when I realised the boy was probably the best thing to have happened to me….that trip taught me so much about LOVE. Our recent getaway to Cambodia also ended up being an eventful one thanks to a bunch of travel fails. I obviously have to share this…

A Travel Disaster That Taught Us Life Lessons: Rome 2017

The other day I was reading an article on travel fails and it took me back to the time we almost missed our train in Rome. As I read, I connected with those bloggers as they spoke about frantically searching for their misplaced passport a few hours before they were scheduled for departure, or how they patiently waited for hours for their delayed flight. For those of you who I have not yet told this story to, my boyfriend and I took a Europe trip in 2017 and almost missed our train from Rome to Vienna. To save myself the trouble of repeating this story to friends again, I’m finally going to document it on my blog (something which I should have done long ago.) For all those who’ve already heard this, I can’t believe you didn’t get me to write this down earlier (would have saved you the boredom…

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