Ignoring The Warning Signs- How I allowed stress to take over my life

I’ve always been proud of my multi-tasking skills, and considered my ability to prioritize work as one of my strongest skills. While I enjoyed the confidence and the recognition my skills got me, I forgot to account for the fact that too much of something is harmful in the long run. Allow me to share with you a  personal story about how I let stress take over me. But it isn’t really that simple. To help you understand context, I need to rant a lot more than usual. Bear with me. I could have finished this off with a “Reasons why rest is important” but a story of a personal failure always leaves a better impact (so my Google Analytics tells me about my posts in 2017) Freelancing left me insecure.  Freelancing is tough for a bunch of reasons, all of which depend on one personality trait- discipline. Thankfully I…

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