Have You Been To Pune’s Only Open Air Spa?

We all deserve a break that leaves us feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I usually plan these breaks around the weekend, especially Sunday, when I enjoy a long gym session and end it with a good sports massage or spa therapy. Those who know me well know my love for massages and retreats, and more often than not it is the only solution to half of the problems around me (yes, I cannot recommend a massage enough!)  One of my favorite things to do is wake up early on a Sunday (let’s say, 8:00am) read a book, head to the gym by 11:00 am, eat a nice lunch at 2:00 pm and then head to Hyatt Pune at 4:30pm for a swim and spa. Why Hyatt Pune? Because I’d be stupid to say no to an open air spa on the rooftop, a quiet, secluded, lush…

Arogya Spa : Hyatt Regency Pune

Massages are under-rated. After all that working out, your body NEEDS a massage, a fact that people tend to equate to a luxurious life only. How you get the massage is completely up to you, but make sure you do. Why? Read carefully. Did you know massages can help you workout better too? Before you think it’s all just a waste of money, here’s a little something about massages and spas that might interest you.- A massage helps loosen up your muscles after an intense workout, which allows you to recover from the impact better and faster than you normally would. It improves blood circulation and helps soothe sore muscles. A massage helps you stay flexible. Massage therapy promotes improved sleep patterns. A massage stimulates the lymphatic system  Deep tissue massages are great stress-relievers for muscle tension and cramps These are just some of the benefits of a good spa.…

Aristo Spa, Pune

After a grueling 2 weeks filled with deadlines and meetings, there came a point where I knew I couldn’t carry on anymore. A break was long due, and an invitation to Aritso Spa was God’s way of telling me “Calm down, go get this break” So I did what the Universe asked me to do – I went ahead and grabbed the opportunity by the horns :) Before we start, here’s one thing you must know: This international chain of contemporary spa centers isn’t necessarily a spot to trek to here in Pune, but if you live in Chinchwad, Aundh, Baner or a surrounding area, it sure as hell is worth the trip. Getting There Aristo Spa is located in DoubleTree by Hilton, Chinchwad. Which means it is impossible to drive down regularly all the way from Pune Camp.  Once in 3 months?  Yes, sounds fine. A great idea would be…

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