From Skinny To Strong #TransformationTuesday

This #TransformationTuesday I thought I’d share a quick recap of my fitness journey over the last 4 years. It’s been a journey full of sweat, pain and tears. I’ve gone from “I need to be skinny” to “I need to be strong” and that I believe is the biggest transformation in my life. I have made a ton of mistakes (more on this blog post) and I have learnt life lessons from them. I have met some of the best, most humble people on this journey. I once treated food and exercise as punishement. Today, I understand the nourishment value of food, exercise, and recovery. Injury taught me patience. I learnt the importance of good sleep and rest. I learnt to love my body, but it took me quite a few years to get here. Sharing with you some of the major points in my fitness journey (tthose of you who…

My First Marathon

It’s not easy, if that’s what you were expecting. The first run, the first marathon, the first race, it’s always about the nerves and anxiety and anticipation. Every runner talks about preparation first when asked about their first marathon; the actual run comes second. It’s the same in my case. I started running solely for the purpose of losing weight. I didn’t know zilch about fitness except for “I need to be thin” I started running 5km every day. I realized I was clocking in 5km at a stretch in 30-32minutes. Realising that I could put in a lot more effort pushed me to do better, and I perfected the 5km in 26-27min within a few months. I got a lot of appreciation from fellow gym goers, all athletes or runners. Which is when I decided to register for the Pune International Marathon. Let’s fast forward to the evening of 3 Dec…

ChatRoom #3- Smita Kulkarni

I’ve met her at parties, an angelic vision that is hard to miss. There’s something about her that makes it difficult to take your eyes off her. The curly hair, the kohl lined eyes, the red pout, the tattoo on the calf…I seem positively smitten, don’t I? She has that effect on people. Meet Smita Kulkarni, a woman who will give you #mothergoals ,#runnergoals and #fitgirlgoals  Smita Kulkarni- a mother, a runner, a baker, a wife, a home maker, how do you manage it all?  To be a complete woman and to accomplish all these roles I need to prioritize my daily life. A certain amount of discipline is needed to do well. My family is my first priority and it’s because of their support that I have accomplished all that I have.  It can get stressful at times, I won’t deny that. But my family and loved ones have…

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