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Fitness & Women Safety

Over 50 DMs and emails asking me about safety while working out prompted me to do some research and write this one. In this post I talk about women who have taken up the fitness journey encountering harassment, and how  do we deal with it. I’d love know your thoughts too!  There are some personal examples and some examples that my readers shared with me (no names mentioned) Point here is to acknowledge and address harassment. Hope I can make sense to some of you :)  Do you: Avoid going for runs late at night or early in the morning when there are not too many people around? Avoid going to the gym at certain times to avoid running into certain men? Choose your workout clothes that spell MODEST just so that you do not attract eyeballs? Run/workout with self defense items in close proximity? Avoid certain parks because the parking…

Gong, Pune – This Could Have Been Better

A barrage of photos on Instagram had already prepared me for the grandeur of the ambiance, and I am glad to say that my expectations were met when I stepped in for a lunch meal at Gong. Unfortunately, this was the only highpoint worth celebrating, something I wish I did not have to say. Don’t get me wrong, don’t be too disappointed yet, I think I have evolved to be an extremely picky customer, and I notice things that people tend to pass off as normal. Allow me to explain. The atmosphere is special: the Japanese influence on the décor and lighting are predominant throughout, and the fine-dine aura is well maintained with soft, ambient music. Gong comes off as sincere and authentic, coupled with a little wit and charm. Gong does have your heart as soon as you walk in. Now that the ambiance has set the expectations this…

Super Excited To Be A Part Of The Women Writers Fest In Pune!

SheThePeople has chosen Pune to host its flagship event,  The Women Writer’s Fest , a festival that aims to focus the dialogue around women writers who are breaking new ground in content, style, and storytelling.  It takes me immense pleasure to announce that I am also a part of The Women Writer’s Fest this August, and will be participating in the panel at the Blogging Workshop. *cue applause* With me I have the gorgeous Aashna Bhagwani from Beyond The Bouffant, Reema Sathe, Founder of Happy Roots and Sheena Dabholkar from one of my favorite Travel & Lifestyle webzines LOVER. The session would be moderated by Richa Singh, Founder of BlogChatter. This workshop is scheduled for 11:00am on 18thAugust 2017. (I have literally written this with a smile on my face, and I cannot be patient about this fest anymore!) About The Fest The Women Writer’s Fest will be a day long event…

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