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Have You Been To Pune’s Only Open Air Spa?

We all deserve a break that leaves us feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I usually plan these breaks around the weekend, especially Sunday, when I enjoy a long gym session and end it with a good sports massage or spa therapy. Those who know me well know my love for massages and retreats, and more often than not it is the only solution to half of the problems around me (yes, I cannot recommend a massage enough!)  One of my favorite things to do is wake up early on a Sunday (let’s say, 8:00am) read a book, head to the gym by 11:00 am, eat a nice lunch at 2:00 pm and then head to Hyatt Pune at 4:30pm for a swim and spa. Why Hyatt Pune? Because I’d be stupid to say no to an open air spa on the rooftop, a quiet, secluded, lush…

#Diet- Pre & Post Workouts with Storia Foods

All those who follow me on Instagram know that I recently tried coconut water and some shakes from Storia Foods. Those of you who tuned in late, I shall tell you all about it in this blog post. Before I start, let me reiterate my views on diets, fitness and overall well-being. I am no one to give you nutrition gyaan since I do not know a lot about this field myself. What I experiment with on a personal level is after effective consultation with my folks (who are doctors) and a few friends who’re studying nutrition. I train 6 times a week, and do not take any supplements for my gains. I concentrate on eating home cooked meals, keeping a close check on pre workout and post workout meals. Storia Foods sent me a bunch of products to try out, and this is what I feel about them (I…

Mocha Is Back In A Brand New Avatar & We Love It!

Once upon a time Mocha, with it’s quirky walls, dim lit interiors and sheesha (and those Oreo Shakes) was a popular haunt for youth in Pune. You can only imagine how sad it made us to see one of our beloved cafes shutting shop. Four years later, on 5 May 2017, Mocha gave Pune a reason to celebrate once again as it opened its doors to public in a completely new avatar. The menu and ambiance might be completely different (definitely not what the old Mocha was like) but that never stopped Puneites from celebrating the comeback of this brand. Has it lived up to it’s expectations? Let’s find out: Ambiance There are no dark purple or deep pink walls anymore. Everything is brightly lit, modern, sleek and super stylish. The seating indoors is spacious and well ventilated. The outer area comes as a pleasant surprise with its swings, pebbles,…

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