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I Am That Pyscho Who Says ‘Let’s Train Legs Twice A Week’

Those of you who have been with me on my fitness journey have seen the transformation in my body structure. From being a runner to an HIIT lover, I have always been a tiny-framed, almost skinny girl. I have always had strong legs, but they were never toned (you could call them thin for lack of a better description) I never really had a great derrière either. It’s November of 2017 and I have a body that does not sound anything like in the above description. Along with a tone, I have muscle definition in my arms. A cobra back seems like a possibility now when I see the muscles flexed on my back. I have quads and calves, the size of my thighs has increased (something that I had aimed at doing) Under a thin layer of stomach fat I have a permanent 4 pack, and the last 2…

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