From Skinny To Strong #TransformationTuesday

This #TransformationTuesday I thought I’d share a quick recap of my fitness journey over the last 4 years. It’s been a journey full of sweat, pain and tears. I’ve gone from “I need to be skinny” to “I need to be strong” and that I believe is the biggest transformation in my life. I have made a ton of mistakes (more on this blog post) and I have learnt life lessons from them. I have met some of the best, most humble people on this journey. I once treated food and exercise as punishement. Today, I understand the nourishment value of food, exercise, and recovery. Injury taught me patience. I learnt the importance of good sleep and rest. I learnt to love my body, but it took me quite a few years to get here. Sharing with you some of the major points in my fitness journey (tthose of you who…

ChatRoom #7 – Ameya Kolambekar

You know how you haven’t met someone, but you’ve been following their work on the internet, and everything that they do inspires you a little to stalk their every move online a little more? At the expense of sounding creepy, I’d like to say I have a bunch of such “online friends” who I’ve never met, and who have also made it to my “People I must meet one day” list. Ameya Kolambekar is one such person. Online friends are great sometimes. Guys, meet Northstalgia , one of my favorite travel inspiration accounts- Who is Ameya Kolambekar?  You know that guy who loves traveling but is stuck in a 9-6? That’s me. I adore pets, football keeps my weekends busy and I find myself digging into history quite a bit. And, I never have a bad hair day. (The first thing that strikes me here- this man has a great sense…

ChatRoom #1 – Pratik Gandhi

Hello folks! I am so glad to be back here after so long, and with something brand new. I took 2 months off to organize a few things around the blog, and am glad to see it working out for me. Anyway, enough about me for now, I’ here to talk about this new series I’m introducing on my webspace- ChatRoom. ChatRoom is nothing but a fun conversation between me and anyone who has inspired , helped, motivated or simply entertained me/us and made a difference :D I have consciously been making an effort to live in the moment, and in the process realised how even the smallest of motivational talks can help you feel better about things, or how the most basic joke will bring a smile to your face when you really need it. I’ve realised over the last couple of years the importance of each individual, each encounter, each…

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