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Planet Hollywood Goa- A Getaway For Two

It’s only been a month since we took this vacation, but it feels like a different lifetime. I find myself going back to these blue waters every now and then, thinking about those days spent at the pool, Jacuzzi and beach. The nostalgia hits hard, and each time it does, I am *this* close to making a weekend plan to Planet Hollywood Goa once again. Something about the property and experience left me feeling happy and free. This was one hell of  a therapeutic vacation, and I want you to experience it once in your lifetime at least. You’ll thank me later. Goa has been a favorite vacation spot since years, but with the increase in tourists pouring in at almost any given time of the year, our trips to Goa have reduced quite a bit. From once every 2 months, we’ve come down to maybe twice a year. Goa…

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