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9 Minute Workout : HIIT Home Workouts

Hello! I am back with another set of home-workouts. In the past one month I have helped many people design their own workouts. It’s not rocket science once you get the hang of it- you will know what kind of HIITs  workouts suit your body. This one is a relatively simple one. Hope it helps-

Happy Birthday with RAW Pressery

Birthday week has started off on a very healthy note. RAW Pressery sent me 6 bottles of health juices on Monday and trust me the timing couldn’t have been better. As you know I have been working really hard to get back the four-pack I had last year. In related good news, I can now flaunt them off again. More of that later :D

My diet for the last 3 weeks has been made up of watermelons, watermelon juice, mangoes, bananas, tomato soup and a lot of protein in the form of chicken (grilled, baked) I have been tempted to eat a lot of junk food but I am extremely proud of my will power right now.  So receiving these bottles had me jumping up and down with joy because HELLO ABS!

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Be Beach Ready!

Summer is here, and I have a beach vacay planned. Which means the clothes shall go off and the bikinis shall come on. Which means I need to work on the abs that are currently hidden under a light layer of what I’d like to guess are the cupcakes I’ve been gorging on for the last 3 months.

It’s now time to kick some ass!

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The 15 Minute Fix- Health and Fitness

Hey there! Happy New Year to all of you. Sorry for being MIA, the holiday season got me a little lazy. I’m back to a fixed schedule (finally!) and have some great things planned out for my website this year. For starters, I’m foraying into the field of health and fitness, and will be sharing home work-outs, HIITs and other helpful exercises on a regular basis. I am not exactly a fan of health foods so I might limit those, if any. All this, and a lot more. Do keep an eye on my webspace. And here’s kickstarting the new year….literally. What I am now going to share with you is a home work out that shows immediate results. No kidding. It’s been too cold to get out of bed at 6:00am nowadays, so I have been missing out on my swimming and gym. The new schedule looks like…

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