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Have You Been To Pune’s Only Open Air Spa?

We all deserve a break that leaves us feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I usually plan these breaks around the weekend, especially Sunday, when I enjoy a long gym session and end it with a good sports massage or spa therapy. Those who know me well know my love for massages and retreats, and more often than not it is the only solution to half of the problems around me (yes, I cannot recommend a massage enough!)  One of my favorite things to do is wake up early on a Sunday (let’s say, 8:00am) read a book, head to the gym by 11:00 am, eat a nice lunch at 2:00 pm and then head to Hyatt Pune at 4:30pm for a swim and spa. Why Hyatt Pune? Because I’d be stupid to say no to an open air spa on the rooftop, a quiet, secluded, lush…

Tracking Health With FitMe – Launch of a New Health Band

All those who’ve been following me on Instagram already know about the latest addition to my fitness routine – a health band! And by now you also know that it’s not just any health band; it’s the one which gives me my basic information like calories burnt, steps taken, sleep hours clocked in, but goes a step further to tell me if the air I’m working out in is fit to exercise in! All those who watched me LIVE on Instagram know what I’m talking about. For those who missed it, here’s a sneak peak. https://www.instagram.com/p/BiZE_X6nXtA/?taken-by=dumbbellsndrama And for those who are new to this, folks, say hello to FitMe, the new health band from iVOOMi. Before I start, I want to focus on WHY you must get yourself a health band in the first place. It’s important to keep a track of your health and fitness routines because not only…

From Skinny To Strong #TransformationTuesday

This #TransformationTuesday I thought I’d share a quick recap of my fitness journey over the last 4 years. It’s been a journey full of sweat, pain and tears. I’ve gone from “I need to be skinny” to “I need to be strong” and that I believe is the biggest transformation in my life. I have made a ton of mistakes (more on this blog post) and I have learnt life lessons from them. I have met some of the best, most humble people on this journey. I once treated food and exercise as punishement. Today, I understand the nourishment value of food, exercise, and recovery. Injury taught me patience. I learnt the importance of good sleep and rest. I learnt to love my body, but it took me quite a few years to get here. Sharing with you some of the major points in my fitness journey (tthose of you who…

Fitness Mistakes I Made

I have been working out since 2013. It’s been 4 wonderful years of sweat, soreness, pain and growth. There has been a massive transformation in every aspect of my life – I am not only physically fitter, but I feel stronger mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Being on this fitness journey has made me learn patience, determination, and helped me become happier, more forgiving, and grateful for what I have. It has also helped me with my anxiety. I am also in love, like all the time! I have learnt to appreciate so much about life, and I’ve realised how we live our lives in jealousy, insecurity, fighting over petty issues, hanging on to things that happened in the past. I don’t know the science behind it, but I can assure you that fitness helps you become the bigger person, ALWAYS. That’s why the fitness community is such a…

5 Minutes To A Happy Life

** This article has been written by Dimple Dhalwani Depression is more common than what you think it is, it’s just  the intensity that makes the difference. Whether it’s been a temporary phase of depression or a long term disease that you’ve been dealing with, let’s admit it, we have all had our low moments. Not convinced? Losing a job, death of a loved one, death of a pet, break ups, all of them make us experience depression in some form. Social rejection, peer pressure, any form of abuse, or even unequal treatment of siblings in childhood can lead on to depression. One thing to note here is that while we realise we are suffering, we do not wan to do anything about it. In fact there are times when we don’t want to accept it either! If we do wish to accept it, we make it an internal struggle and tell ourselves that…

Have You Tried This Easy To Make, Healthy Breakfast Recipe Yet?

Neverendingdrama helped me find a yummy breakfast! Most of you know that I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible. My junk food consumption has come down to once a week, and I’ve successfully stayed away from the wrong foods for quite some time now. Ananya was kind enough to share a recipe with me, which I tried recently and voila! New breakfast favorite is here! Ingredients  200ml almond milk 1 tsp chia seeds 5 crushed almonds 6 tbsp oats How to make it Mix it all together, refrigerate overnight and boom! Super yummy breakfast is ready! Try it, it’s easy as peasy and yummy too! Thanks a ton Ananya! <3

Super Easy, Super Healthy Peanut Butter Recipe

It’s peanut butter jelly time! (Ok I just had to say this because every time I hear peanut butter I break into this dance in my head) Ok moving on, I am going to talk about peanut butter in this post. Or rather Yogesh Diddee, the boy you might have seen all over my social media, has something to share about his beloved peanut butter. Over to him. Nowadays it is easy to get hold of a jar of peanut butter at your local grocery store. But how many of you know those additives and preservatives are doing more harm than good? In fact they are largely responsible for the sugar imbalance in your body. So does that mean peanut butter is unhealthy? Hell no! I’ve been hitting the gym for the last 5 years, I eat clean, and peanut butter has a large part to play in my diet.…

A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

I won’t deny it. I secretly love being pampered. Hot water baths, berry-scented moisturizers and perfumes, nail painting, foot massages, binging on cake, dressing up, the works! Twice a month I gift myself a special treat with a spa, and boy oh boy do I love these days! Work for 15hours for 10 out of 14 days and treat yourself to a deep tissue massage…*sigh* Life is beautiful.


Work It Out!

Hello there! I’m back with some fitness gyaan. I found this particular HIIT exercise on Pinterest, and have made no changes to it whatsoever. It looks difficult, which is why I wanted to try it in the first place (have had to increase the intensity of workouts after the obstacle race I completed 2 weeks ago that had me running 12km on the hill, along with rope climbing, wall climbing, bar crossing, crawling and a whole lot of other jazz. Running on plain ground after that has been a JOKE)

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