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Everyone Has Abs, But Not Everyone Has A Strong Core

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the number “50” on the weighing scale. I would run, sometimes starve, and run some more (run 5km extra if I ate junk) all to stay strong at 50kgs. I lost around 10kgs in 6 months, and was super happy with the transformation because OMG I HAVE ABS! This is also when the #bcpaseena selfies started, and next thing you know, I was obsessed with “abs” My boyfriend introduced me to the gym in April 2017, and it’s the best thing he could have ever done. I remember struggling to bench press a total of 5kgs, always wondering “why is it that I can’t find the strength to do this?” I was scared to eat carbs, scared to fuel my body because food meant “weight” 2 months, and I continued struggling. We then headed to Europe for 2 weeks where I had…

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