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“Muscles are not for girls” And Other Things Girls Who Love Lifting Are Laughing About

I absolutely love the drama that comes along with the fitness journey. Initially, all that I heard would make me mad. Then I learnt to take a step back and observe, and now, I laugh. Everyone has their set of opinions, but these right here, these are the real gems. Sometimes it’s fun being a woman in the world of men, keeps us all entertained. Thought I’d share some of them with you. Please note – I have at some point said/done all of this, got my point across, and had a great laugh. Point being- you do you girl, go get that booty, go get those gains, go lift that bro who thought he could mansplain this to you. Amen. Gym Bro *sees girl at the gym* – Oh you’re here for your cardio?  Yup, not going near those weights, no no, they say they turn you into a…

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