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Everyone Has Abs, But Not Everyone Has A Strong Core

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the number “50” on the weighing scale. I would run, sometimes starve, and run some more (run 5km extra if I ate junk) all to stay strong at 50kgs. I lost around 10kgs in 6 months, and was super happy with the transformation because OMG I HAVE ABS! This is also when the #bcpaseena selfies started, and next thing you know, I was obsessed with “abs” My boyfriend introduced me to the gym in April 2017, and it’s the best thing he could have ever done. I remember struggling to bench press a total of 5kgs, always wondering “why is it that I can’t find the strength to do this?” I was scared to eat carbs, scared to fuel my body because food meant “weight” 2 months, and I continued struggling. We then headed to Europe for 2 weeks where I had…

You Are More Than A Dress Size

Each one of us wants to change our appearance. Someone wants to be thinner, someone wants bigger muscles, someone wants a nice butt, someone wants to gain weight, someone wants bigger calves…the list is endless. But from what I’ve seen online and offline, there seems to be a certain obsession about getting smaller. Everyone wants to be able to use “lost a dress size” to feel good. Nine out of ten times I get “HELP! I need to lose weight” in my mails/DMs. While I have nothing against this, I feel a little sad that this is the only thing that everyone is concentrating on. No one has ever asked me “help me get stronger?” or “I want to grow my muscles” I see a lot of people approaching fitness as something that will help them get smaller. It breaks my heart to see this :( Before I start, I’d…

A Full Body HIIT Favorite

I am back after a vacation, and I am SO excited to get back to life here. I’ve been inspired to do so many new things, I cannot wait to get started. Plus I’m stoked about hitting the gym and switching on that beast mode again :) We walked around 20km everyday for 2 weeks and even cycled around Rome and got back with great tans *tee hee* I had expected some weight gain during the vacation, but I’ve got back more defined than before. So of course I want to work out more and set new standards of fitness for myself. Starting off with this HIIT today – NOTE- This requires great stamina and needs to be done with only 10sec intervals between each exercise. Do it at your own pace, it gets easy and less painful as you get used to it (which took me 2 weeks LOL)…

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