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Fitness Mistakes I Made

I have been working out since 2013. It’s been 4 wonderful years of sweat, soreness, pain and growth. There has been a massive transformation in every aspect of my life – I am not only physically fitter, but I feel stronger mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Being on this fitness journey has made me learn patience, determination, and helped me become happier, more forgiving, and grateful for what I have. It has also helped me with my anxiety. I am also in love, like all the time! I have learnt to appreciate so much about life, and I’ve realised how we live our lives in jealousy, insecurity, fighting over petty issues, hanging on to things that happened in the past. I don’t know the science behind it, but I can assure you that fitness helps you become the bigger person, ALWAYS. That’s why the fitness community is such a…

Boulder Shoulder!

I am back with another workout post (#MondayMotivation FTW!) This one is something I tried out at home last week because I was running behind schedule as far as my writing was concerned, and I had not stepped foot inside the gym all week. This workout is a quick, basic and super duper easy HIIT routine that I combined along with some basic shoulder moves. Take a look at it, try it out on a day you’re running short of time or don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. Print it out if you want to because you totally can :) Note- I did this after a 3km brisk walk. Add in some jumping jacks and high knees to warm up before you start your HIIT. Also, do not forget to stretch!  Monday Motivation has been served. Have a fabulous week :)

I Am That Pyscho Who Says ‘Let’s Train Legs Twice A Week’

Those of you who have been with me on my fitness journey have seen the transformation in my body structure. From being a runner to an HIIT lover, I have always been a tiny-framed, almost skinny girl. I have always had strong legs, but they were never toned (you could call them thin for lack of a better description) I never really had a great derrière either. It’s November of 2017 and I have a body that does not sound anything like in the above description. Along with a tone, I have muscle definition in my arms. A cobra back seems like a possibility now when I see the muscles flexed on my back. I have quads and calves, the size of my thighs has increased (something that I had aimed at doing) Under a thin layer of stomach fat I have a permanent 4 pack, and the last 2…

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