Please Don’t Be A Gym Bully- A Request To Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts

“You must be into cardio” they ask me as I shake hands with my new gym acquaintances. “No, I’m weight training” I say, and am met with a somber nod and an occasional hmm. I’ve noticed those side glances they exchanged too. The conversation has abruptly ended, and I make my way towards the weight rack, conscious that every step I take is being intensely scrutinized. All that beast mode enthusiasm has disappeared too, and I suddenly find myself faced with a simple question- should I be doing this at all? Sounds super familiar, doesn’t it? Congratulations, you’ve been noticed by the gym bullies and you’re officially a part of the gym world. This feeling was quite common a few months ago, and of course I learnt to deal with it, but it’s the attitude of those gym-goers that irks me till date. Fitness is a positive community of people,…

8 Reasons Why MultiFit Is A Great Idea

I have been working out at home for over a year now, and it’s taken me some time to realise the dos and don’ts of functional training. I’ve tried a bunch of routines, and figured out what worked for me, and even designed some to suit my fitness levels. I believe once you get used to functional training, there’s no way you’re going to enjoy any other form of workout. Which is why you might have noticed the reduction in the number of gym posts at my end. In fact things got so busy with the traveling and weddings and reunions that I opted for the HIIT routines simply because I was low on time. It’s now come to a point where I can easily take 30 minutes off for myself during a super busy day and complete a highly intensive workout routine. Point being – I love functional training.…

Fit in Fifteen

Hello there!!  I am back with another fitness post! It’s been long, blame it on the chaotic schedule. Even my personal workout regime has been a little wonky. I run when I get time, HIITs are a little difficult right now with a muscle tear in the right arm. I can’t wait for summers when I will get back to my running-gymming-swimming routine once again. 3 hours of pure me time in the morning. WONDERFUL! I am also considering cycling (the boyfriend has been a source of inspiration) Let’s see how that goes. This one is a quick HIIT routine I thought I’d share with you. It was something I did recently, and boy oh boy was it mad! 15 minutes, a great sweat session and you’re set for 2 days :D Good luck folks!

9 Minute Workout : HIIT Home Workouts

Hello! I am back with another set of home-workouts. In the past one month I have helped many people design their own workouts. It’s not rocket science once you get the hang of it- you will know what kind of HIITs  workouts suit your body. This one is a relatively simple one. Hope it helps-

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