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Patience Is Everything- A Personal Story

They say that dreams can come true if you really believe in them. Sounds like a vague piece of advice that the internet is throwing at you, doesn’t it? I have this thought almost daily. Sometimes it is strong enough to make me feel “okay, life might not work out the way I want it to and I need to be okay with that.” Is this how rejection feels like? Maybe. Sometimes giving up is the easier way out, life is unfair that way. But what about those times when you achieve something that you had only dreamt of? Isn’t that a wild dream coming true? Doesn’t it mean that you are holding the dream close to your heart (subconsciously) and working towards it (again, subconsciously) , and guess what?  The universe rewards patient hard workers. Now *this* might seem like random advice on the internet, but in hindsight when…

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