chitra balachandran


ChatRoom #12- Bombay Bellyrina

Once in a while, you come across people who not only fill your life with positive vibes(I mean you LITERALLY feel a positive, happy change in the energy around you just by seeing their name pop up on your timeline) but inspire you to be the best version of yourself. They don’t even do this intentionally at times, it’s just something about them that wants you to be happy, stress-free and super duper motivated. Chitra  Balachandran is one such awesomesauce human I’ve had the good fortune of meeting (on the otherwise dreadful internet) and she, along with a bunch of more awesomesauce people, is the reason I’m still sane when it comes to social media (read Twitter.) It all started off with #TwitterGetsFitter, a community that works towards getting people to be fit together. I simply connected because this is what I had been doing too! What was in it for us?…

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