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Boulder Shoulder!

I am back with another workout post (#MondayMotivation FTW!) This one is something I tried out at home last week because I was running behind schedule as far as my writing was concerned, and I had not stepped foot inside the gym all week. This workout is a quick, basic and super duper easy HIIT routine that I combined along with some basic shoulder moves. Take a look at it, try it out on a day you’re running short of time or don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. Print it out if you want to because you totally can :) Note- I did this after a 3km brisk walk. Add in some jumping jacks and high knees to warm up before you start your HIIT. Also, do not forget to stretch!  Monday Motivation has been served. Have a fabulous week :)

Mad House Grill Pune- A Legacy

These days it’s quite a task figuring out where to dine. For those of you who are new here, long story short, I have now moved over to the dark side. This dark side boasts of heavy weights, HIITs, 10km runs and a lot of healthy eating. I am consciously making diet plans, trying my best to follow them, and of course minimizing all the eating out. Before you assume we gym folks  do not know how to have fun, I’ll have you know that we have our lovely cheat days, 1:00am nights and parties every other day. Balance is the key, and once you get the hang of it life gets easy. With restaurants introducing healthy food in their menus, trying to get this balance has got easier lately. Joining the list of brands that the #fitfam will always be thankful to is Mad House Grill, an establishment critical…

Super Excited To Be A Part Of The Women Writers Fest In Pune!

SheThePeople has chosen Pune to host its flagship event,  The Women Writer’s Fest , a festival that aims to focus the dialogue around women writers who are breaking new ground in content, style, and storytelling.  It takes me immense pleasure to announce that I am also a part of The Women Writer’s Fest this August, and will be participating in the panel at the Blogging Workshop. *cue applause* With me I have the gorgeous Aashna Bhagwani from Beyond The Bouffant, Reema Sathe, Founder of Happy Roots and Sheena Dabholkar from one of my favorite Travel & Lifestyle webzines LOVER. The session would be moderated by Richa Singh, Founder of BlogChatter. This workshop is scheduled for 11:00am on 18thAugust 2017. (I have literally written this with a smile on my face, and I cannot be patient about this fest anymore!) About The Fest The Women Writer’s Fest will be a day long event…

A Taste of Chocolate Paradise: Le Flamington, Pune

I can safely assume that Pune has a coffee shop at almost every corner. Seeing how much the city adores the beverage, the entry of gourmet coffee came as no surprise (at least not to me) What I was worried about was the reaction of this price sensitive market that has grown to love deals and budget entertainment options. So was I right? From the little bit of knowledge I’ve gathered after speaking with owners and managers of gourmet coffee stores, I realised people were not too comfortable shelling out those big bucks every now and then. They do have a set of loyalists, mostly the early adapters who’ve stuck around, and the market is definitely growing, albeit at a slow pace. Why am I talking about coffee when my headline clearly says chocolate? I wanted to share with you the context of the conversation I had with Taha Khan, owner…

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