Decoding #FitGirlProblems with BombayBellyrina

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know how I spent most of my time in Bangalore with @bombaybellyrina While I have always loved her sass and confidence, it was her positive attitude and enthusiasm that inspired me to do so much more than what I could have even imagined (the videos on her profile are proof of this) Plus the fact that she is a super gorgeous woman who is always smiling and bubbling with energy made me feel that okay, shift to Bangalore, you’ve got family here :)  With no hold ups, and always someone to keep it real, my conversations with Chitra will always remain a highlight of this Bangalore trip. Most of our conversations were often interrupted with us saying “Fit Girl Problems” which inspired us to do a fun shoot about it (totally unintentional and last minute!) Without further ado, I’ll leave you…

7 Things I did in Bangalore – #TravelTales

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know I had a gala time OD’ing on cupcakes in Bangalore last week. The break was a breathe of fresh air in the middle of the chaos that was my life back then-I don’t take such breaks often but a little time away every now and then does keep one fresh and motivated. So here I was in Bangalore, eating cupcakes, sleeping, going for massages, watching sitcoms, tripping on old SRK movies…you know, living a peaceful life that I would get bored of eventually.
When I look back at my trip, I have so many moments and sights that stand out. So many things to write about – just looking back is a bit overwhelming. Here’s a rundown of my chaotic mind and the vacation that was:

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