Had a rough week and looking out for a place to get wasted because….weekend? I’m pretty certain you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately this comes at a price, and this price gets too much to handle, especially at the end of the month. We only have a handful of bars and pubs serving booze and food at an affordable rate, and while this might work in our favour, the crowd spoils the vibe. Or we might love the crowd but the prices seem way OTT. I’m sure you know what I mean. So where does one go?

I think I might have a solution for you.

Head over to The Little Next Door on a Friday night and knock yourselves out with unlimited beer/sangria and barbecue starters….only for 850 bucks!

I went over last weekend, and here is what my night looked like –

tld 849


If there’s one thing I need to say about this place, it’d be that it’s great value for money. The ambiance is love (especially the rooftop), the music is upbeat and happy, and there are a lot of options to keep you entertained (imagine a game of jenga with your group after a glass of wine :) ) This offer adds the cherry on top.

The service is a little slow here, so you might want to order all your starters and drinks together. Other than that, I’d highly recommend this place for a night out with a large group looking for great booze and fun food.


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