It’s only been a month since we took this vacation, but it feels like a different lifetime. I find myself going back to these blue waters every now and then, thinking about those days spent at the pool, Jacuzzi and beach. The nostalgia hits hard, and each time it does, I am *this* close to making a weekend plan to Planet Hollywood Goa once again. Something about the property and experience left me feeling happy and free. This was one hell of  a therapeutic vacation, and I want you to experience it once in your lifetime at least. You’ll thank me later.

Goa has been a favorite vacation spot since years, but with the increase in tourists pouring in at almost any given time of the year, our trips to Goa have reduced quite a bit. From once every 2 months, we’ve come down to maybe twice a year. Goa was looked at for a place to party at and drink, but there’s nothing we are missing here in Pune to be honest. This stamp sized state is now a favorite only when we’re absolutely stressed, and need a break from routine to do nothing other than rejuvenate.

This is when Planet Hollywood seemed like a brilliant idea. Workouts, spas, massages, evening walks by the beach and days spent lounging around in the pool, that’s what Planet Hollywood Goa was all about. Leaving you with the highlights of this trip-

The Larger Than Life Ambiance 

Each room has a distinct personality. This one is a retro themed room. There were rooms based on sport movies, superhero flicks and so much more.
This bar at the Presidential Suite has my heart. Isn’t Pulp Fiction the greatest movie of all times?!

The moment I walked into the expansive, well lit lobby, I knew this was going to be an extraordinary experience. As I was welcomed with a chilled glass of Kokum, I couldn’t help but stare around at the posters of Hollywood celebrities that adorned the high walls of the Heart Bar. The fact that Gauri Khan has designed the lobby came as no surprise, because every inch of this wonderful space exuded royalty. A large video screen showed me the trailer of the latest Star Wars movie, and the music was an upbeat number from the Billboard top 100.

Some of the best names in the industry have come together to design the larger than life ambiance of Planet Hollywood, Goa. The beauty of this property is admired so much so that it is frequented by A-Listers and crème de la crème of the Indian party circuit.

A Personal Touch

Planet Hollywood Goa believes that all their guests are celebrities, which is why they pamper them with foot massagers in every room, satin covers, faux fur rugs, spa treatments, fitness lessons, technology controlled bathrooms and lighting and so much more.

We stayed at one of their best rooms, a pool-facing suite that has soft blue lighting, a foot massager, a giant LED TV, a balcony and a sun-bed to lounge on.

Welcomed with an authentic Goan Thali, the tastiest I have ever had till date.

Their service, amenities and hospitality not only pamper you, but leave you with a sense of comfort you’d usually associate with a holiday home.

So Much Nature!

The walk to the beach was picturesque, with trees and nurseries lining up the pathway. All you can see around you is lush greenery, with palm trees and well manicured lawns. The beach is calm, clean, peaceful and lined with sunbeds you can choose to relax on.


A fully equipped fitness studio is just the tip of the iceberg as far as wellness is concerned. Brian, our wellness coach and instructor, had us in heaps of sweat after an early morning workout at Trance Fitness, the in-house fitness club. Later that morning, we headed over to the spa, Pink Room, where we enjoyed a Balinese massage.

The property also has a tennis court, a badminton court and a volleyball court, and a palm-lined horizon. The hotel also conducts yoga sessions  that are hosted at the sea-facing lawns.   “Wellness is a part of life; it is a lifestyle that must be maintained, more so on vacation!” is what the staff will enthusiastically tell you, assuring you that you are being cared for.


A recreational area for children here includes a well maintained park in the grounds, allowing them to play in the fresh air by the sea. The lobby also has a separate room for gaming and board games, in case you want to enjoy some me-time at the PS4 or wish to keep your kids occupied. An in-house shop in the lobby ensures you don’t leave without some super stylish souvenirs. This hotel is also pet friendly.

They organized a picnic breakfast for us on Day 2. This facility is available to everyone, you just need to tell them in advance. They organize these picnics around North Goa beaches too. We opted for a quiet spot by Three Kings Chapel in Cansaulim.
They also organized a visit to a nearby Portuguese home which was OVER 450 YEARS OLD! We even saw some home decor items all the way from the 17th century, kept in tact behind glass walls.

Whether it’s a royal treatment at the spa or a grueling session at the gym or a night of karaoke and dancing by the pool, Planet Hollywood Goa leaves you with happy memories and stronger ties.



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