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Mineority Cafe and Bar

I have lost count of the number of places that have opened up in Koregaon Park-Kalyani Nagar in the last year. By the time I get down to trying out one place, there is another one begging for attention. In fact I visited Callow only this weekend, and I still haven’t eaten the deep dish pizza at Baked & Wired! It all gets overwhelming at times.

Mineority is a new entrant in the area, and this time I made sure I checked out the place before it was too late (I also tend to lose interest in a place once it gets too old :/ ) And this is why I think you should totally spend a Sunday night with your favorite cocktail on the rooftop bar at Mineority-


mineority-ambiance ambiance-mineority

PINTEREST BOARD GOALS! 5 minutes in this place and I wanted to kick off my heels and lay back and enjoy a siesta – there’s something very soothing about all this color.


Fusion, fun and fantastic. You’ll enjoy going through the menu, and definitely enjoy what’s served at your table too. We had the pork buns, chicken stuffed with cheese, charcoal grilled chicken tikkas, fried fish with mustard and of course some nachos with the cheese dip.







An Oreo Shake and A Fruit Punch (minus the alcohol) is all that I tasted, but it was enough to tell me that there’s some super delish magic going on behind the bar counter.


I was left with one question though – Mineority seems like a “mine” themed restaurant, so what were the colors doing there? I mean the paintings and accessories had a lot of mining references, so why the boho vibe? On asking the management, I was informed that it was designed on the concept of “entertainment for miners” , meaning that after a hard day of work, miners would like to get out in the open and enjoy a drink or two after a grueling day underground. Hence the colors. Well, fair enough. Come check it out on a weekend, or any other day you feel like getting out without going too hard on the partying. The rooftop bar is to die for, so maybe you’d want to make a reservation before going. The place shuts at 1:00am.


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