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Kobe Sizzlers, Pune

It’s probably the first time we’ve done this, and we have returned with good memories. Date nights are fun, but date nights with a lot of food are better. This time around we did things the traditional way- we decided to visit a restaurant with minimum frills, known for great food. An eatery popular with families and locals for a long, long time, Kobe Sizzlers has been synonymous with group bondings over beer and super delish sizzlers. The last time I visited the outlet was in 2012, and it was quite a warm, overwhelming feeling that I went back with.

Was it worth driving down to Aundh for sizzlers? TOTALLY.


Do not expect much out of the ambiance – this is a basic sizzler joint with seating meant for families and large groups, with a couple of two-seater tables. The place is huge (upper and lower sitting areas, BOTH full) and noisy thanks to the large amount of people that come in. But that’s the fun part. It doesn’t matter. It sets the mood. I was reminded of those times when we as kids used to go out with our parents to these typical joints. I wouldn’t mind doing this more often.


You don’t have to wait long, the menu is pretty self explanatory, and everything is under control. They could speed up the clearing of the tables bit though (I noticed people waiting for tables that had to be cleared)


This deserves a special mention because

a. They had Bira in stock

b. Happy hours all day

c. 1.5l of Bira for 600 bucks WITH VAT!



We tried the Sholay special menu (yes, they have a menu dedictaed to this Bollywood classic and it’s fun AF!) They have the Jai Viru sizzler, the Thakur special, Gabbar special, Basanti special and the Sholay Kobe special. A quick guide to the sizzler menu :

Sholay Kobe Special – peri peri sauce

Jai Veeru Special – BBQ sauce

Gabbar Special -chilly garlic sauce

Thakur Special – makhani sauce

Basanti Special – salsa sauce

Though I liked every single dish I tried, the Sholay Kobe Special was my favorite. The Thakur Special came a close second.

What I like about the sizzlers is that they don’t forget to spoil us with generous amounts of rice/noodles (I’ve visited some joints where I’ve had to remind the chefs to add in the rice) Faith in sizzlers has been restored.

kobe sizzlers 1

kobe sizzlers 2

We finished off 6 mini sizzlers and 1 main sizzler between the two of us. Definitely a night I’m not going to forget.

Kobe Sizzlers is located in Aundh and FC Road in Pune. 

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