We all deserve a break that leaves us feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I usually plan these breaks around the weekend, especially Sunday, when I enjoy a long gym session and end it with a good sports massage or spa therapy. Those who know me well know my love for massages and retreats, and more often than not it is the only solution to half of the problems around me (yes, I cannot recommend a massage enough!) 

One of my favorite things to do is wake up early on a Sunday (let’s say, 8:00am) read a book, head to the gym by 11:00 am, eat a nice lunch at 2:00 pm and then head to Hyatt Pune at 4:30pm for a swim and spa. Why Hyatt Pune? Because I’d be stupid to say no to an open air spa on the rooftop, a quiet, secluded, lush green corner of the hotel where you can switch off and relax in utmost tranquility. Plus the fact that you can watch life down in the streets below you without hearing something as much as a honk makes it all the more empowering, you know what I mean? 

Did you know this is the only open air spa in Pune? What you get is a cabana set-up on the rooftop terrace, with the sound of water splashing in the gorgeous pool and a strong breeze to keep you company.

You might go for the massages, but you’ll keep coming back for the ambiance. True story.

Hyatt Pune, you have my heart ❤️




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