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Cafe Colombia, Pune- Review

There is something so gorgeous about the name of this place- Cafe Columbia. I guess because it reminds me of coffee and exotic women and…never mind. It’s a gorgeous place with gorgeous people and gorgeous death by chocolate. This one is a fun post that will leave you drooling by the end of it. Brace yourselves :)

I headed over┬álast week on an invitation. Though it’s a little far from my place and the traffic jams aren’t of any help either, I am glad I took out some time to try out the restaurant (I had heard raving reviews about the Khao Suey here) Here’s what it went like:

cafe colombia wine
A beautiful concoction of spices and red wine that was enjoyed over an extremely hilarious game of Uno (I won)
cafe colombia 2
Good old Chicken Tikka- pretty average.
cafe colombia 1
Veg Manchurian- funnily enough, I liked this more than the chicken tikka
cafe colombia 2  4
Oh My God the Barbecue Chicken Wings! Please try one plate for me?
cafe colombia 2  3
Grilled Prawns- pretty interesting preparation. I had expected grilled prawns only, what I got was mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables along with it. Presentation isn’t too fancy, but in the end that doesn’t really matter.
cafe colombia 2  5
Bandeja Paisa- oh what an interesting dish this is! If you love experimenting with food and tastes, you’ll enjoy the flavours in this platter. Sausages, egg, grilled chicken, banana and corn patties, cooked banana, baked beans, and a whole lot of tangy tomato. Not something many would like..it’s an acquired taste to be honest. This is popular with the foreigners and of course with those who love their food.

cafe colombia 2  6

cafe colombia 2  death by chocolate
God bless them for this. I suggest you do not leave this place without biting into this beauty. Presenting to you the Death By Chocolate

cafe colombia 2  death by chocolate 2


I am visiting this place sometime soon- their breakfast menu excited me. And I hope they serve Death By Chocolate for breakfast *tee hee*

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