Hello there! I’m back with some fitness gyaan. I found this particular HIIT exercise on Pinterest, and have made no changes to it whatsoever. It looks difficult, which is why I wanted to try it in the first place (have had to increase the intensity of workouts after the obstacle race I completed 2 weeks ago that had me running 12km on the hill, along with rope climbing, wall climbing, bar crossing, crawling and a whole lot of other jazz. Running on plain ground after that has been a JOKE)

Moving on…is this any good?  Yes, it definitely is. Is it recommended? Only if your body is used to working out. You’ll find out why-


Take it up as a challenge if you wish to (self-motivation is never a bad thing) I did two sets of this….it kinda did kill me by the end, but it was definitely worth it.

One set should take you a maximum of 15min.

Let me know if you try this one….good luck! :D


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