What Is The Big Deal About A Sports Bra? by Miss Lingerista

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Just like you wouldn’t play soccer without shoes to protect your feet, you shouldn’t exercise without a proper sports bra to protect your breasts.

Why is it so important to wear a sports bra?

  1. To decrease the number of hard-ons in the world
  2. So we don’t get smacked in the face when training
  3. To flatten our boobs while playing sports (so, they don’t get in the way)
  4. They are tighter than regular bras, so no uncomfortable bouncing going on when we move

Most certainly, you’re already convinced that a sports bra is a woman’s best friend, but we NEED to discuss more.

Anatomically speaking, breasts are made out of fat and milk-producing tissue and are suspended by skin and fragile ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments. They are only supported by the chest wall, thus are vulnerable to motion. These girls are not elastic, which is why due to repetitive or high impact workout, they bounce and pull on the ligaments. It leads to stretching (and sagging.)

Imagine how a weight suspended by a rubber band ends up stretching and elongating it permanently. Similarly, once stretched, these ligaments stay the same way. The result is every woman’s worst nightmare – saggy breasts. But it doesn’t end here. The weight of your breasts could affect your posture and trigger pain, discomfort, and even headaches.

Besides comfort, super support and ease of movement, it is also important to talk about temperature control. Sports bra are mostly made up of material that wicks away moisture. It helps to control and regulate our body temperature, and prevents chafing.

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Being large bosomed, workout has always been dreadful for my pair. In fact, I’m going to tell you a secret… . I’d to manage this by wearing two sports bras. *facepalm* . Until, I realized that it was utter bullshit and I needed to do something about my chest-crushing situation. This is when I researched about it. . And now, I swear by my @nike dri-fit high impact sports bra that avoids all sorts of sag, pokes, slips, bulging, jiggling and breathing constrictions. . TAP FOR DETAILS www.MissLingerista.com ——————————————– #fit #fitness #fitgirls #sportswear #nike #workout #activewear #onwednesdayswewearpink #humpday #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodypositiveimage #bodyissues #bodyempowerment #bodyacceptance #bodyimage #bodylove #selflove #selfempowerment #selfimprovement #loveyourself #lingerieblog #lingerieblogger #fashion #style #blog #blogger #delhiblogger #indianblogger #hateloss

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Working out regularly makes you healthier and boosts your self-confidence. Believe me, I totally support Protima when I say that exercising is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. But just like you wouldn’t play soccer without shoes to protect your feet, you shouldn’t exercise without a proper sports bra to protect your breasts.

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