Those of you who have been with me on my fitness journey have seen the transformation in my body structure. From being a runner to an HIIT lover, I have always been a tiny-framed, almost skinny girl. I have always had strong legs, but they were never toned (you could call them thin for lack of a better description) I never really had a great derrière either.

It’s November of 2017 and I have a body that does not sound anything like in the above description. Along with a tone, I have muscle definition in my arms. A cobra back seems like a possibility now when I see the muscles flexed on my back. I have quads and calves, the size of my thighs has increased (something that I had aimed at doing) Under a thin layer of stomach fat I have a permanent 4 pack, and the last 2 are somewhere on their way. I have a butt for crying out loud! All this is not to show off a great body, nope. All that I am trying to share is my progress in the last 6 months (I started in June) through weight lifting.

Over the weeks, I shall talk more about my workouts and training regime. I wish to address workouts for each muscle group, how I plan my training and exercises, and how I eat to maintain this routine. Right now, I am going to talk to you about the butt and thighs, since many of you have told me you’ve seen a massive transformation in this region, and you’d like to know what I’ve done to get results this quickly .

Note- When I say “quickly” I mean 4 months at least. And this is just the beginning. I appreciate your compliments but you must know this is nothing compared to what awaits. I’m being extremely patient, and working towards that muscle definition, one squat at a time. 

Exercises that I have included in my leg training routine-

SQUATS- bodyweight, pulses, kettlebell, sumo, squat jumps, side squats

LUNGES- standing, walking







I also walk a lot (between 3-4km daily, before the gym: ok I am that pyscho who walks to the gym, lol) and sprints are a part of my daily workouts. I’m leaving you with a routine that I usually opt for when I am too bored to think of anything new. This of course is a level I am used to now, you can reduce the sets and reps to suit your body.




IF I am not doing all these squats(free, with weights, sumo, front), I opt for this-

Jumping Squats                                                                        10×4

Side Squats                                                                                10×3

Walking Lunges with 20kgs                                                  35 per leg

Free Squats                                                                               6×3

<alternate each set with pulses>

I walk around the gym on my toes, so the calves are always activated :) Plus I have been a runner, so my calves were always being exercised.

You would have noticed how I do not do deadlifts or squats at the bar anymore. This is because my neck is a problem area, and each time I have tried these exercises, due to incorrect form I have injured myself. I am too scared to try again (okay you know me, I shall get back to them slowly)

As I said, do not treat this as a final workout, this is something I do on regular training days if I have no new exercises in mind. You are free to change the weights, number of sets and reps to suit your body. Over-using a muscle will cause injuries.

The day after leg day is spent lazing around in bed, or twitching with every move. Well, you know me well enough to know that I LOVE it.

I’ll be back with a few more workouts soon. Until then, see ya at the gym!


High on love, life and sugar, I consider myself a typical Taurean, and am currently on my journey to achieve culinary nirvana. Hailing from an Army background, I've lived all over the country, but consider Pune to be my hometown. An MBA in Marketing, I find the power of expressing with words liberating. Hence the blog. Enjoy!

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