I have been a little caught up, sorry about not posting anything in this section earlier. To be honest I have only been running- there is no problem that a good run can’t cure. I even clocked a good 5km in 24min the other day I was extremely frustrated with things around me. So yeah, hey, I am not complaining! 

Moving on, here is something that I did when I caught a break in the middle of a chaotic Friday, and thought I must share it with you. I won’t recommend this to beginners- it requires stamina, and a whole lot of patience. But boy oh boy do you feel good after the second set! 


Make sure you rest only AFTER the first set is over. The point is to do a high intensity workout, and that’s not going to happen if you take a 2 minute break after every exercise. Point is to ease in slowly, gradually increase the intensity, then cool down. 

Good luck!


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