Thalassa, Goa

Hailing from an Army background, traveling has always been an integral part of my life. In fact, staying at one place for too long gets me restless.  There are times when I want to run away to another city and start afresh, there are times when I want to take a break and travel to any random part of the country. Yes, travel excites me, and I wish to indulge in it further. More of that later :) Traveling is not only about reaching new places- it’s about being introduced to a new way of living, new habits, new feelings, new experiences.   It’s a lot about self discovery. And it’s strangely exciting how it helps you develop as a person. There are so many people to meet, so many conversations to be had, so many new friends to be made and of course, so many new cuisines to be tried. I…

Budweiser Sensation 2016- Hyderabad

Budweiser Sensation has arrived, and how! What kicked off as the biggest, most grand music event that India has ever witnessed, the iconic Budweiser Sensation saw 20,000 people coming together at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad to celebrate electronic dance music. Budweiser Sensation saw Afrojack, Axwell, Laidback Luke, Mr White and Lost Frequencies absolutely KILLING it on The Pleasure Dome. Before you get too confused with the details, allow me to take you through the entire experience through some pictures. I promise they’ll be entertaining.

Future Theory Festival 2016

The gorgeous Fort Jadhavgadh was venue to the Future Theory Music Festival 2016, a new electronic music festival to join the league of fests all over the country. The theme “Time Travel With Us” made the 300 year old fort-turned-luxurious-hotel a perfect venue. The festival was held on  27 and 28 February 2016 at Fort Jadhavgadh. Future Theory was essentially an event that aimed to showcase the emerging alternative electronic music space. Along with this there were also a few nature trails, art installations and the entire fort grounds to explore. The lineup at the Future Theory Festival 2016 had some big names like Croatian techno producer Petar Dundov (his debut in India!) and Italian electronic maestro Alexander Robotnick. There were also some homegrown producers like M.Mat x Sandunes, SickFlip, Hamza (vinyl set), Kumail, 5volts, Raimund Imo, Audio Glitch to name a few. VENUE The 300 year old remnant of the Maratha regime, Fort Jadhavgadh, is set…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly- Sula Fest 2016

The gourmet world music festival called Sula Fest started off as an endeavor to create a platform for all Indian music lovers.  Things have changed a lot today as the popularity of this music festival has grown exponentially over the years. Along with seeing stronger sales numbers in recent years the Sula Fest has successfully introduced some of the best artists of the music world to the Indian audience . “With over 100 artists, more than 25 genres and over 25 gourmet food and beverage options – the festival goes bigger and better this year,” is what Cecilia Oldne, Global Brand Ambassador, Sula Vineyards had to say about this year’s festival. What did I think of it? There’s a little bit of everything. Read on for fun deets- The Good It’s fun to wake up super early on a weekend and set off on a road trip. It really is!…

Jaipur Literature Festival 2016

It was a cold Saturday morning in the pink city as I walked into the gates at Diggi Palace, the venue of the Jaipur Literature Festival 2016.  A packed roadway leading up to the gates caught me unawares as I stood in line to get my bags checked (Note- the security needs to be beefed up, there was hardly any frisking or checking. Outside eatables were being “smuggled” in too!), and I was genuinely surprised as I walked in to see THIS- This area was thronging with attendees as they posed to click the colourful decor and of course, selfies. I quickly made my way to the front desk and got myself a schedule, excited about the prospect of listening to so many great panellists. And it’s not every day that you attend international literature festivals in the grounds of a 200 year old royal palace in the heart of a…

Travel Diaries- Jaipur and Pushkar

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Apologies for lack of activity, I have been city-hoping since the wedding season started. If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram you’d know how THAT is going…

I did a series of short reviews for places I visited back in Jaipur and Pushkar. It would have been unfair to keep those experiences all to myself :) For those of you who missed out on the Instagram posts, here’s a quick summary-

Enchanted Valley Carnival

The second Enchanted Valley Carnival that took place at Aamby Valley City last weekend was a ginormous success, surpassing the success figures of its debut last year. India is slowly opening up to alternative forms of music- trance, dubstep, reggae, electronica, techno; name it, and you’ll see that the scene in India has progressively evolved. What’s good to see is that India is now being put on the map of international music. The variety of music festival offerings is easily debatable, with each festival finding its group of loyalists and haters. Some attend festivals for the love of music, some for the experience, and some only to catch an artist (usually commercial) they’ve heard of before.  Let’s talk about all this, and a lot more that happened at the EVC 2014. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on the first day, but from what I heard, I only missed out on loud David Guetta fangirling moments.…

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